Widows Review

I saw Widows yesterday at 4:10 and, it disappointed me. There is still something I enjoyed here I am just saying it was disappointing so, I am going start with the positive things first.


The good is it has a good Villain and he did a good job in the role. John Bernthal is good for the few seconds he got on screen. It has a good director I could see his vison  and what he was trying to do. It is a well looking movie it is shot well it looks grate. It is entertaining at times mostly when the Villain is on screen, From there lets move onto the bad.


The bad is everything else from the characters to the plot twist to the side plots and the love story it dose  not blend well  together and, the worst part is the love story it served no point to the plot and, it did not mix well the reason why it is there makes no sense. The characters could be a lot better and, the casting could also be better. This whole movie did not mix well. The plot twist I saw coming a mile away and it did not mix well. From there lets go onto my score.

I will give Widows a C I would go see it is not awful it just did not sit well with me from now I will change my rating system to 1/10 rating or I will do an A+ to an F. Thank you for reading another one of my blogs and go check out my last one.




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