Creed 2 Review

This is the 54TH movie I have seen this year if I put the time that I put in watching movie I would be the smartest in my class and, don’t ask all the runtimes added up just don’t because I did it already it is 96.55 MIN not even joking 54 movies so lets just hop into the review.

Creed 2 is a sequel to Creed a movie I saw with my brother and his friend and they loved it they gave it 9 form my brother and a 8 from his friend and this is out of 10 you guys half to wait to see my score  so I am going to start with the good.

The good is the boxing scenes are fantastic and, they are so well done. They are shoot so well and, look very cool everything in this movie, and  looks so nice and, look realistic. The acting is also really good Stolon is grate as Rocky the two villains are fantastic Ivan Drago is fantastic. He is a guy he lost everything his mother left him when is father lost the fight to Rocky and I wanted them to win not gonna lie about that I would have really like it if he did win because their story is so grate and, Michel. B Jordan as Creed is grate he is a good character the best part is the characters are the best part besides the fights, from the bad. 1 more good thing the Camera work is amazing and first person boxing scene  is the best scene in the movie.

The bad  is the other stuff it is boring when there is no fights are charter development and, I do not like Tessa Thompson she is not terrible she is fine but she felt kind of useless to me she is just kind of there to move the plot forward. There are a few plot holes like 1 or 2 of them and, Creeds reason to fight Ivan Drago makes no scene at all he changes the reason why he wants to fight 2 times maybe more but besides my problems it is still a good movie. From there lets go onto the score.

A- go see it and of you have not seen my last blog post go check it out.

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