Ralph Breaks the Internet

Go see this I highly recommend it. So Ralph Breaks the Internet is a squeal to Wreaks it Ralph  and into this movie I was kind of nerves because I have seen so many sequels     to movie I liked and just suck but I was surprised by this movie a lot and, I loved a lot of it I loved and a few things I don’t like so lets start with the good.

The voice acting is fantastic and, the animation is so grate. This movies is kind of emotional and, I loved it. It made me reflect on my life a little. The best parts of the movie is Ralph  and, the little girl forgot her name for some reason but the conflicted between then in the film is really good. The comedy is fine there is are a few solid jokes. One that made me laugh and, that is hard to do know for me. I really enjoyed the story they set up Ralph becoming Jellies because he might lose her to something I am not going into because of spoilers. This is not a spoiler well it kind of is they hade a Stan Lee cameo and, I loved it a lot of this movie I loved. I also loved that there was no villain well there is not going in on that because of Spoilers, and from there lets move onto the bad.

The bad is some of the jokes fell flat I don’t like the singing even tho they are making fun of it just did not work for me. The Disney Princesses were a nice touch and for the most part it worked  but I feel like they could have done more with them. Also it starts out kind of slow but when it started picking up I loved it, from there lets move on my score.

I will give this an A. Thank you all for reading this and, if you have not seen my last post go ahead and tell people about this as well have a nice day

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