4 Reamls

This year for Disney has been interesting some good and, some bad and, this is one of the worst movies I have seen all year the 2ED worst on my list. The people how took me to Fantastic Beast 2 saw this also and loved it. I saw it with another friend and, he hatted it as well he almost fell asleep during it because it is so boring and, it is like a wrinkle in time. So what do I like about it… Morgen Freemen and, the Nutcracker those are the only two thing I liked everything else was horrible and, do not even get me started on the dialoged I mean **** it was truly afoul and the acting I think is even worse and, everting looked fake the CG rat the Iceking looked horrible and, the twist was so predicable and, some scenes looked nice to add some positivity and, the main character hair color  keeps changing I noticed. What I hate in movies  is when people light. The worst part is the Villain unforgettable villain her mot of made no scene and her plan is so stupide. The thing is this movie is so forgettable I forgot everyone’s name.

Ill give the 4 Realms an F   the 3 thongs I liked could not boost it up for me. Thank you again for reading one of the blogs and go check out some more it would mean a lot if you even share this. Thank you all again how read.

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