Fantastic beast 2 review

So I saw Fantastic beast 2 on Friday with some friends and, I am not a huge fan of Harry Potter books I do enjoy the movies tho and, this one Is disappointing, because the trailers looked very good and, it was a disappointment to me because I am a fan of film. I do not care about the book or comic or what ever it is baste on and, it is ok is you like this movie. Most of the movie I liked Newt is a fun character Jonny Depp was good as the villain  his character motivation did not make scene tho but I do think he was a good villain it is that hid mot of mad no scene the Flash is also good in the film  the best character was to me Jud Law’s character. The film did need a lot more of him. Also the CG is fantastic it looks so beautiful  everything looked really grate  the creatures as well. What dose not work is the Plot its to messy and, everyone has a subplot and this movie is kind of boring it is because of the scripted after the movie we talked about the flaws with it. We all agreed the  villains mot of did not make sense and, it was boring and I was correct that is was going to end kind of on a cliffhanger in a way so those are my flaws with the movie and I will give it a  C+ its fine did nothing to offend me or anything. Stay tuned I saw 4 realms over the weekend and, I will have that up on Wednesday.

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