The Grinch

The Grinch was disappointing it say the least and, I feel very disappointed to me the people who took me to it loved the movie and, I did not understand why they did well that is options  I guess, so I am just going to hop in to the review.

The good is The Grinch looks good it looks good I love the one scene were the Grinch has a change of Heart  I like the dog and, that is were it ends for me on good things for me,

The bad is its not funny at all and, I hate the Reindeer it was only added in for comedic effect  and, it fails so bad, and I do not like the whos at all the character look horrible it kept on bothering me a lot. That ends the bad about the movie lets movie onto the score.

My score is a C+ it is a beautiful looking  movie besides whos look weird to me so that is why it gets a C+

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