The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Review

The spin-off of Riverdale is real, it takes place in the same universe and, I would say it is better than Riverdale not le because it tried something new and it failed I did enjoyed this show that much because I hated this show here is why and, this will contain miner spoilers nothing to big so just letting you now before I start.

The Plot is about a young half witch who does not want to take the path of the night and wants to live a life with her mortal friends this could be a good plot but there all satanic and it is kind of hard to root for the main character when the worship the Devil.   just the WitJhes and Warlocks tare Satanic, the mortals believe in god.  The witches and warlocks  believe in the devil form  statue of a weird goat person,  lets move onto the good.

The good is Harvey, the good is Ambrose characters  there are some good thing some good shots – Sabrina has her moments here and there my favorite episode is 7 that did save the show for me a little.  From there is does get better some of the witches and warlocks are good,,, umm well looks like that is it. Lets movie onto the bad.

Sabrina is a huge let down for someone who is the main character and, she always say if you do this I will kill you  to this other witch so many times and she never does. Another thing that just pisses me off for something that is supposed to be female inspiring, her getting revenge on some boys   it just comes off as her being a jack*** same with Riverdale same thing and, for the main character the person who you are supposed  to connect with is kind of unlikable for awhile she does get better.   Another thing is the CG is terrible  the CG blood the CG scarecrow the CG cat monster thing. The scarecrow looks cool at first but after the second shot it looked fake ,and the worst part it the script there is this scene were on of Sabrina friends gets expelled   and she is back at school the next day she was crying and  there is a scene were another one of her friend goes over to her grandma’s house to protect her with the person who got expelled and she is blind and she stands up after the thing that happened and it cuts away  and the next thing we see is her laying on her bed **** there are a lot more things wrong I found with the script and, I hate the satanic **** it pisses me off those are my problems lets move onto the score. One more thing I hate the camera work like sides of the screen  will be out of focused it pissed me off a lot.

My score is a C- or a C. thank you all for reading this make sure to check out my other review as well.



One thought on “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Review

  1. I thought Sabrina was well done, the Satanic stuff was overplayed and inconsistent more of a distraction. The little things like the pit that brings people back to life and the Familiars loyalty was well done. But there is a mystery with the death of the Iguana is there not?


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