Gnome Alone review

I really gate this movie here is why and, yes I know it is a kids movie and, all  but I really hate this.

The good is its kind of entertaining and, I like one of the voice actors one of the gnomes and that is it that is all I liked and, it did have one funny moment not super funny but it was funny

The bad is everything else, The main charter is so unlikable and her the kid next door is also really bad he is no unlikable he is just cringe every lien he says is cringe, and horrible. The Dialogue is so bad  and so is the written I would say the worst thing is the plot and the CG the CG is terrible so is the editioning  and it looks cheap.  The story dose make since but I did not care at all  and, I was pretty miserable watching this. The reason why the moved is reasonable but I did not even care and, if you don’t care about the story then it takes you out.


My score is a D- I almost gave it a F it came so close but, I did give it the benefit for the 3 good things, Guys if you have not seen my last post go check it out. And  no I won’t do a Christmas special I am sorry I might tho but, most lily not.

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