The Exorcist review

I saw the Exorcist over the weekend and, here you go my review.

The Plot is a young girl gets taken over by a demon and that is pretty much it so, lets go into the review.

The good is the Makeup  is pretty good the priest is a good character. Some of the scenes are well done well shot. Uhhmm dam I thinks that’s it. I do love the 180 head twist she dose I love when she walks down the stares and blood run out of her mouth but, that is pretty much it.

The Bad is its not scary some of the stuff said his just stupid like someone fell down the stairs and there head was in a 180 and, they say someone twisted it around and, then pushed   him down the stairs and, there are obvious   sings the she is possessed and they say its an illness and the acting is over the top it is so cringe and how doctors used to smock in hospitals stuff like that dose make you think back on how thing have changed uhhm I think that is it for the bad from there lest movie onto the score

My score is a B- it is entertaining and all but it is not scary and all the stupid stuff that the doctors say is wrong with the kind lowers it for me.

Guys if you have not seen my Halloween review to check it out.

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