Halloween 2018 review

On Friday I saw the new Halloween at it was pretty good and, this is my first Halloween movie I have seen so it holds its place in my heart and yes this is a Halloween special and I have one more coming soon so lets get started.

The plot is the bus the Myers is on crashes and he kills people and Lory Stroud wants to kill him to put an end to him once and for all. The plot is kind of simple  if you ask me and there is one thing I don’t understand how did the bus crash it is just a question I have and there is a horrible twist  near the 3rd act but lets go onto the good.

The good is Jamie Lee Cutis is good Michael Myers is grate the mask looks grate. Some of the characters are grate the little kid is grate even tho he is in the movie for like 5 min but he works and he is funny  and, the kills are so grate in this well I like them because there bloody witch is a good thing for me  and some of the shoots are really cool and, how they switch things up no spoilers but that was a nice touch that they did from there lets move onto the bad

The bad is  the new Lemus is horrible I hated his character and the whole high school thing was pointless and kind of useless there was one good part in there not going to say what but it was a nice part and they did something right out of Goosebumps 2  witch I did not like that part at all and some of the characters are useless and from there lets go onto my score.

My score is a B+ its my first Halloween movie and, I enjoyed it.

hope you enjoyed my review and look forward for more  reviews coming soon.

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