Daredevil season 3 review

The 3ed season for DD dropped this week and I finished it in like 3-4 days I think because this show is one of my favorites of the year  most likely my favorite of the year because they took their time with this show and I finished in in like 3 days I started this and Sunday I think I finished pretty fast tho and I waited for this for a while and, I finished its very happy and I wanted more after so lets talk about this and, Yes I will ranked all the shows and here after my review ok so I am going to start. The plot takes place after Defenders and Daredevil is vary injured and Fisk is out of jail and Daredevil has to stop him and, Fisk ha this guy dress up as Daredevil to make a bad name of Daredevil and, he is Bullseye in the comics and the end of the show but I real liked that part of the show and now lets talk about the good.

The good is the acting is grate all around from Daredevil to Fisk to all the main characters did a grate job and it paid off wonderful. The villains are one of my favorites parts of this season and Fisk is yet again wonderful and so is Bullseye the both are grate villains and, Foggy and Caren are grate in this season and, we get half an episode to Caren and I did find it a little useless but, it was useful to the story and, I did kind of like it how her CESNERED CENSERED CENSERED CENSERED    and, that part was really cool yes it was kind of sad and, you can now by Caren as a better character now. The action is fantastic its bloody is entertaining and, I love that and, The show is kind of funny one scene with Bullseye  in particular that was funny and the camera work is grate how they film the fights is wonderful   and the cop Nadeem I think is how u spell it he was grate sadly he CENSERED  and it took me off gard some of the stuff surprised and the Valance is really good  is bloody you see Fisk crush someone’s face with us fist that is not a spoiler because it was in the trailer looked it up I an not lying and Matt Murdoc’s mom is grate as well and the Priest or Matts other dad since he has been there for Matt and he worked again. I do love Dex’/PointDexter/Bullseyes back story and the actor hoe played him did a grate job as the role from there lets move ontp the bad,

The bad is it is slow and it takes a while to get into the good stuff but, there is a lot to enjoy while watching it while it is slow and, for the first few ep Matt is kind of unlikeable and, uhmm I think that is it same with Bullseye takes a while but It pays off. now its time for my score.

The Score is an A+ Now I will ranked all the Seasons

11 Iron Fist

10 Iron Fist season 2

9 Luke Cage season 2

8 Jessica Jones season 2

7 Defenders

6 Luke Cage season 1

5 Jessica Jones season 1

4 Daredevil season 2

3 Daredevil season 1

2 The Punisher season 1

1 Daredevil season 3

guys thank you all for reading this and, I mean that and, if you know anyone how loves movies send them over here and have a good night it is night when I finished so that is why and I might see a movie this weekend hopeful the new Halloween for my Halloween reviews series but if you have not read my last blog go check it out check out all my blogs and can you guys leave feedback it would be helpful. See you next time.

One thought on “Daredevil season 3 review

  1. Best season yet? I’m looking forward to next year hopefully Netflix won’t cancel it like they did iron fist Jessica jones and Luke cage


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