211 Review

I thought about not doing a review no this movie because I did not know what to say about this bit sometimes this reciters work so here you go.

The Bad

The plot is that people want to rob a bank and, the police have to stop them and the villains are terrible they have no real reason to be there besides be  the villains and there are some duce Angels and horrible shaky cam and the movie is boring untiled the 3ed act  and some of acting is really bad like there are theses two cops and, they are supposed  to be funny but they are not its just really bad writing and a lot of this movie just sucks and it takes way to long for Nick Cage to show up it is like almost 20min in you get to see Nick Cage. Now lets go onto the good. Also I do not like the ending

The good

The best part of this movie is the 3ed act the best characters are Nick Cage the Kid and Nick Cages son in law and the 3ed act is at least entreating and the 3 actors do a grate job  and uhhm I thinks that’s it.

My score is a C-. Like always thank you all for reading and if you know anyone how loves film like I do send them over to here.

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