Goosebumps 2 Review

No this is not a Halloween special sadly but here you go another movie review.

So this movie Is about these two boys how are doing a junkyard this were they go pick up people junk and uhh, I forgot what they do with it I saw in on a Saturday night but then they find this book in R.L Stines house and they open in and, Slappy comes out. This movie is kind of a disappointment to me because of the fact I enjoyed the first one and I fell like this one is rushed its a cheaper movie then the first. The acting is fine for the most part the two kids are the best part of the movie, the older sister felt kind of useless to me  she is there to be the strong inspiring female but she’s not and, that was a disappointment because she is good in the film as well and, by far the most movie is Slappy they over CGD him and, that sucked and, his motive makes no sense at all a lot of this makes no sense but this movie is watchable. What I liked is the refences the acting and, some of the monsters looked cool. Uuh I guess that’s it ill give it a C+ its fine go see it for yourself if you want.

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