VENOM review

Yes I saw VENOM on I Saturday night at 6.30 and, I was tired as hell so lets hope in to the review.

Venom is a Spiderman spin off movie and it has no Spiderman and, it worked for me. Tom Hardy sells at as Venom the dynamic between Venom and Eddie Brock and, Venom looks really cool and so dose Riot. Were the film dose lose me is the villain plot makes no sense and there are some plot holes but, besides that I enjoyed this movie besides some CG shots that are notes able. There are some cool looking scenes in this movie  like when he is on top to a building  that part looks cool. I think this film should have been rated R and, that was a disappointment to me and, Eddies EX GF is just there to be the love interest witch is not a bad thing all superhero’s movies do it and, lets talk about her new BF ya he is there for stuff and, that is pretty much it for him he did a fine job but, he could have been used more that could have been better for his character.  The best part of this movie is how Venom talks to Eddie and only he can hear him and Venom and it was cool how Eddie would be talking to someone and Venom would be talking to Eddie as well that part of the movie as really cool and, it worked my only problem is some of the characters and,  some plot holes some scrip problems and the villains plot besides that everything else worked besides the PG-13 rating  this should have been an R ratted movie and the sequel need to be R because if you have seen the post credit it scene you know what I am talking about. Guys thank you for reading another one of my blogs again if you have not read my MOM AND DAD review check that out  and, if you have friends or family how love film like I do send over to here. I am going to give Venom a B+ it is better then The Predator 2018 also you can find that review also on my blog as well. If you saw Venom tell me what you thought in the comments so I can know what you all think of Venom.

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