MOM AND DAD review

Welcome back to another Halloween special and I saw  MOM AND DAD a few days ago I saw this movie and, it was acully pretty good so lets talk about it.

The plot of MOM AND DAD is a vireos makes mom’s and dad want to kill their kids just their own kids tho and that sound like a good plot. The best part of this movie is Nick Cage in an over the top performance but its an emotional there’s a lot of crying and anger in his performance and it works everyone else is fine. The opening credits are well do its a call back to 70ds movies and it looks vary cool. The Violence is grate and, the best part is  when Nick Cages parents try to kill him it was so funny and I do wish I got to see a little more of that the setting for the most part takes place at night in their house and it was interesting and, this movie is well shoot the sound effects work and the directing is grate how he dose the sound and, camera  movement is grate. Now lets get into the bad the deaths were a let down for me the violence is grate tho its that I wanted to see more people die and, some of the GCI looks weird and, the child actors and, the mom is fine in the roll but she could have done a little better and those are my thoughts and mom and bate and I’ll give it a B. Guys thanks you for reading another one of my blogs and look forward to next.

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