Signs review

Welcome back to my 2ed Halloween special yes I saw Venom I started this review before seeing Venom so just something you guys should know.  I saw Signs for the first time and, it was pretty good. I love how it mostly takes place on this farm that part was good.  Its not as good as most people say it is a little dated I’m not goanna lie about that this movie is a little dated, so lets start the review.

So Sings is about this family who lives on  a farm and, one morning they find a crop circle in their cornfield and, that were the movie starts off and, this whole movie is told threw the perspective of this one family. The acting for the most part is fine the best part is Mel Gibson who plays a priest how lost his wife in a car accident and, he lost all his faith and, the two kids are just bad in the film their Dialoged is pretty bad for the most part  and, other son the oldest son is good in the film and, that is one of the best parts of the film. The best scene of the movie is when is Mel Gibson is talked to his talking to his daughter while she is laying in bed about their mother and he sees an alien on the roof that was very well done the music is also very well done and, the tone of the movie is so good and there is this grate scene where there movie a TV into the Livingroom near the end were the TV screen reflects and you see the alien that was vary well done for me and, I’m going to get into the negatives now the child actors are bad I did not care about them at all and their dialoged is bad and, alien’s look kind of dated mostly the alien’s and uhh the backflashes I did have a problem with I just don’t like backflashes and, that’s it guys thank you for reading another one of my blogs if u have not read my Child’s Play review go check it out it would mean a lot and tell your friends or family to check   out my blog it would mean a lot I am going to give Signs a B.

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