Childs Play 1988 review

YA I’m going to be doing some Halloween reviews for the whole month of October and here is Childs Play for you released in 1988  and. has a reboot in the works so lets talk about the original. 

Hands down the best character in the whole movie is Brad Dournif as Chucky easily the best part about the movie  everyone  else is fine the cop is a good character the mom and, son are grate as well. The animatronic used for chucky is grate it is vary well done and, that was done in 1988 and the doll looks real good you can tell when it a man in a suit but It did not bother that much and this movie is so funny some of Chucky’s  liens are so funny and some of the movie bad that it’s  funny that’s not a bad thing tho in this case its that Chucky is a funny character and this is my first time seeing Childs play.  A lot of the sets look really nice the lighting just the who city of Chicago looks nice. Like when this girl falls out a window it looks cool and its a little dated tho so there is that and, the gore it actually pretty good for the time and, that was cool its not over the top as stuff is now I still love that stuff I’m a fan a horror and this movie is very creepy at times like how Chucky walks around the living room on fire and, Chucky final lien is so creepy and, my only complaints are some of the effects are dated there are some continuity Errors I found and, some of the dialoged is bad and, yet again the movie is dated so not every thing looks really and the kid’s Dialoged is a little bad not to bad everyone as one bad dialoged not Chucky tho he has the best dialoged in the whole movie and, some of the characters are unlikable like the child phycologist was unlikable to me. He had a sweet death tho. The voodoo guy was a little unlike able because he was only in the movie for like 5min. Guys this movie is not grate or bad I think its a good movie and, I think you guys should go see it if you want to I’m give Childs Play a B+  yes I am going to be doing more Halloween movie and, yes I might see the new Halloween. It is on my todo list but I’ll maybe have another one up tomorrow or Monday or Tuesday  or when ever I can              so, comment your favorite horror movie to let me now and thank you all who read these it means a lot and if u can get your friends or family to read these it would mean a lot to me and thanks again for everyone how dose read and, to new people who might be reading. Tomorrow I might see Venom so stay tuned for that and be good people peace!!!.

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