So I saw SMALL FOOT and it was pretty bad actually. Almost everything just did not work for me some of the stuff was neat some of the characters are fine umm… that’s it and, know I’m going to get into the review. So I saw this movie with some people and 3/5 enjoyed it me and some other guy did not we found so much wrong with the movie and, yes its a kids movie and, I want a good one hope Rerack it Ralph 2 is good because that’s my last hope.

The animation looks bad the Yetis look off they look to much like customs to me the not going mouth movements did not match up all the time and stuff like that, that just got to me.

The Characters… there are none no one has an arc that is good besides the human and, not going into spoilers so  there is that. Its that no one improves or anything so that was disappointing.

The Singing I HATE musicals I’m going to see a Star Is Born only because it hold a 94 on rotten tomato’s so far  not all of the singing is bad but I just hate Musicals movies.

My score is a D+ and, that is just because me and my friend found so much dumb stuff in this like in the middle of the movie we had a Fortnight dance off so that is why it gets a D+ most people will like it but I could not like it for reasons I said.

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