The Hurricanic Heist Review

This movie is one of the worst I think I’ve seen to the plot that is latterly in the title and, has nothing to do with the plot when u think heist  you think the main character’s doing a big heist I’m I right or what that’s what I think when I hear heist so lets begin the review.

The Dialoged is awful in every way they even use the WERE IS SHE lien from the dark knight witch is a really good movie everyone says awful  dialoged there plan the two brother plan calls are football calls witch is cool since I like football but I was wondering just why.

Its predicable and, the CG is terrible. The movie is just so predicable and it took me out of the movie that and the terrible CG that was terrible and looked fake. From start to end it was predicable and boring and, the CG just was bad everything looked fake and the CG explosions and, there is this skull in the hurricane and, it looked really bad.


What I like is the two brothers and the girl  and, that’s its.

The score  D this movie is just bad in everyway I saw it on Netflix’s so I regret watching but, if you want to go ahead D.

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