Hold The Dark review

Hold The Dark is the worst movie I’ve seen all year not as worst as life of the  party or a wrinkle in time since I don’t consider those movies I think there trash back on track with this movie. The acting suck and the dialoged is so quite and it is boring.

What I like is not much some of the shots are really nice and they look really grate if they could have kept that going it would be a lot better but no they did not.

The plot is the dumbest thing I ever seen I actually forgot the plot because there was no plot beside some guy goes to some place and weird shit happens I think I don’t even know at this point and, yes I saw this on Netflix’s and it looked really good and, that is why I saw it.

The acting is just terrible everyone is unlikable I did not care about anyone there is this one scene where the main character is laying in bed and the girl get out of taking a bath and gets in bed naked with him for no reason she just meet this man and, I think there are missing senses there is this on season where he says MOTHER and it cuts after that and the girl is just terrible the worst part about this movie by far to me.

The Dialoged is to quite its so quite they need sub titles for the main character half the time and everyone just has bad dialoged.

My score is and F its a terrible film don’t see it plz. Well I hope you enjoyed me review today I”ll  see more and talk about them and hopefully I see a good one.

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