American Vandal season 2

Ya its been awhile sorry ill most likely see one over the weekend, but back to the review I loved this show a little more then Castle Rock and. I mean close. So lets begin.

The plot is kind of silly if u ask me its about poop crimes like some one spiked the Lemonade at school so everyone would poop themselves, and turning T shirt launchers into poop launchers you know stuff like that, but it makes up for it in the mystery and, all this evidence is well spared out threw out the season  just made the show awhile lot better to watch and, this is the best high school TV show out there in my option, but you follow these two teens boys that do this stuff like there Investigators and, you get all this info about these 4 crimes did only sat two and that’s not to take up more of your time, and this guy Kevin McClain I think that how you spell is name, and not going into spoilers because you should watch it.

The casting here is pretty grate everyone is so good in this its acauly pretty grate, and anyone can relate to someone Kevin is very nerdy he is a meme kind of at school but everyone likes him we have the two main characters Peter and, forgot his name but they are relatable to some people and, just everyone can connect  to someone in this.

The dialoged is sold because its written by people how know how teens talk unlike Riverdale this show it just written so well and same for the dialoged prop to the written team for this.

The mystery it is really good you don’t know hoe it is until   the finial ep and how social media plays in a role and shaped them into become the Turd Burglar and it paid off I was shocked my score is an A hope you enjoyed this and stay tuned.

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