The Predator Review

So I saw The Predator and, it was pretty good better then people are saying because I really enjoyed this movie.  The Predator is on my top 10 bets movies of the year and, I hope it stays on there since I had a really good time with it, so I’m to start with the good first.

1 The Acting: The acting  is pretty soled everyone give a good performance besides two people and that is the little boy. he is not bad he just annoyed me and Oliva Munn she just felt kind of of useless to me.

2 The Characters: Everyone has something that makes them human like Trevante  Rhodes he has a smoking problem and, he is kind of crazy since he shot himself it the head. We have Boyd Holbrooks how is a Sniper and a dad of the kid he is reasonable for the Predators being on earth. Keegan Michel Key is the comedic relief of the film he was funny at times not everything he said made me laugh but I ether smiled or I got the joke but it was not funny he did served with Thomas James character how has tortes and, I could believe there performances, and everyone else is just fine the Lonny bus was grate eve one on there was so good witch is almost everyone I named beside like 1 maybe 2 because there just there. There not bad there good, but they did nothing to stand out to me that well.

3 The Jokes: The jokes all work besides one it went on for to long and it really was not funny if your wondering its goes like this, so Oliva Munn character is about to leave and Thomas James character he tries to say why so pushy and it comes out complete wrong and, it was funny at first but it went on for to long.

4 The Predator:  The Predator’s look amazing the super Predator looks really cool even tho its all CGI it still looks really cool same for the regular Predator the actors did really good. The outfit they used looks really cool to me its my favorite predator to me I just think the old one looks kind of dated.

5 The Violence: The Violence is pretty grate. It has people getting cup in half having there hands cut off people getting impaled thorough tree branches. It pretty brutal stuff it has the super predator rip off the head of the regular predator.

6 The Action: The action is pretty good the GCI is kind of bad but I liked it.

7 The New Stuff: They did try some new stuff like having the super predator have dog like creatures and that the lead actor had one of the things that could turn them invisible it looked bad at times but they tried.

Know lets get into the stuff I don’t like witch is.

8 Plot Holes: There are some questions left unanswered like how did they find the RV what happened to Sterling Browns Character stuff like that.

9 Its to Short: This movie  was actually  2h and 30 min but got cut back to under 2h and, I wanted more like more time of the predator or super predator.

10 The Super Predator’s Bloods Looks Fake: When they finally kill the super predator and shoot it the blood running out its face looks so fake but did not bother me that much.

11 my Score:  I’m giving The Predator a B+.

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