Iron Fist season 2 Review

SI Iron Fist season 2  come out on Netflix’s and its fine better then season one was terrible so what makes this on better well lets start off with the worst part of the whole show Jessica Strop is a horrible actress and her dialog holy**** its bad she has no point in being there at all. Besides that it takes along time for the show to be interesting to watch   the last 2 episodes are the best because stuff happens, and some of the characters are useless. Know lest get into the stuff I like.

1 The Acting: the acting is fin  all round besides Jessica Strop  everyone is at least trying Danny ran is a lot better then he was in the last season and, Danny’s best friend since they were kids and, their acting is fine for the most part. They are the best character’s in the whole show.


2 The Villain: The Villain is a lot better then the last one because he was Danny friend when he was in kul lung when he was a kid and his motives  makes no sense at all and its just pointless you can see why he is doing this things, and him taking the iron fist is just so dumb, and it makes no sense

3 The fights: The fights are the best part of the show because its fun and its entertaining because everything looks so really while the fighting.

4 My score: a C+  because of Jessica Strop horrible acting and dialog and the Villain’s plan and him taking the iron fist and how boring  the show is until ep 9 and, 10.

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