Castle Rock season 1 review

Yesterday I finniest Castle Rock season 1 the new and the only Stephen King show  and, it was surprising really grate. It dose slake a few times but its just a really great show. This show is my favorite I’ve seen all year  much, much, much better then Riverdale so, I’m going the start the review.

1 The stuff I don’t like : There is hardly anything I dislike here besides some plot holes and, it can fell slow sometimes and, that’s all I don’t like about it.

2 The Story: The story is actually really good its around they find this kid in a cage in Shawshank prison a part prison that has been shut down for 30 years and he says his name is Henry Dever witch is a boy the found out at Castle Lake. Know the old warden  killed himself and, this is a very sick show and, I mean that in a good way. Know I’m moving on to reason 2 so I don’t spoil anything.

2 The Acting: The acting is great all round from Bill Skarsgard to Sissy Spacek everyone is great even our lead played by Andre Halland.

3 Everything else I like: I love how it makes you think about what’s going on and, your always wondering what’s going to happen or what is the kid, and I love the Stephen King refences. I really like how its not a horror show its kind of in way but it really was not its a psychological thriller and, I really enjoyed it the ending is just weird and I do mean that is a good way since you final know what is happen. If you guys want to watch this its only on HULU and I really suggest you do its the best TV show I’ve seen all year.


4 My rating: I’m giving Castle Rock an A It almost got an A+ but the 2 problem  I have just down grade it. Guys thanks you for reading my review stay toned since I’m seeing the predator this weekend to look forward to that. SO Castle Rock have you seen or what’s ur favorite show all year comment on this and let me know or don’t  Ide just like to know.

One thought on “Castle Rock season 1 review

  1. Castle Rock is some of Stephen King’s best work. The producers did a great job casting the actors and choosing the location.


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