Hellboy review

So there is a new Hellboy movie so I though I would review the two Hellboy movies before the new ones is out an FEB 11th and is rated R and I’m looking forward to seeing it. Sorry I have not posted that many post I can not find any times to see them anymore since of school being back but lets talk about Hellboy

The Plot: The Plot is kind of of simple it that Nazi use dark magic to bring the end the USA stops them and Hellboy comes out of the portal and then years latter many many years latter like more then 50 I think I saw it a week ago and I postponed it because I had another review I was working on  and, then The Nazi’s try again and Hellboy has to stop them.


The Acting: The acting is grate everyone is grate in the film besides Selma Blair is pretty bad her dialoged is really bad for the first few minutes she is on screen but she dose improve a little but not much.

The CGI: The CGI is still really good you can tell now and then what’s CG and all like Hellboy is bright red when you first see him and then he is this dark red but it did not bother me at all just something I notions.

The Bad stuff: There is really nothing I hate about this movie besides this this one dude gets stabbed  through  the next and there is like no blood and that is my only problem with Hellboy

My rating  A-


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