Pacific Rim Uprising review

I’m speechless right now I don’t know what to say even this is one of the biggest disappointments all year so I’m going to explain why this movie sucks.

1 The Acting: The only character I enjoyed was John Boyega’s character because he wants to be impress his father that died 10 years ago. Everyone else was terrible  even Charlie  Day and, I like him as a comedian and sometimes in other roles but. in this he is terrible his plan was to bring back the Kajiu  and, Scout Eastwood is just forgettable like half the cast I cant even remember there names.

2 CGI:  The CGI is pretty bad the over CGIED almost everything it almost felt like I was watching a Transformers movie. Not all of its bad they did do some pretty well done scenes like when the MEGA KAJIU forms I thought it was pretty well done.

3 The Plot: The Plot is Charlie day wants to bring back the Kajiu and, that’s the whole plot.

4 It is Boring: This is one of the boring films I’ve seen all year. At the opening there is a 3 min narration to explain stuff. This movie is a little less then 2 hours and it fells longer because I was confused for the whole thing.

5 What I like: Some of the fights were cool J.B is good with what they gave him and, that’s it I did not like this movie as much as I wanted to.

6 My Rating  i”m giving this movie a D+.

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