The Meg Review

So going into this I was thinking it was going to and  dumb and cheesy and, I left happy. This is the biggest surprise I have hade it a theater all year this film was grate watching let me explain why

1 It’s Not Super Cheesy: Yes this movie is a little cheesy because it a shark movie COM ON, and the part I like about this is that it makes fun about a 70foot shark that is  eating people so I give it props for being a silly cheesy shark movie.

2 The Acting/character’s: The acting for the most part is  the pretty soled. The problem is they only have one character that you care about, and that is Jason Statham’s character. The little kid was good in this so was everyone else its just that they are a little forgettable.

The Dialog: The Dialog is fine pretty bad for the most part. There are some bad Dialog said.

The Shark: If the shark dose not look really then it takes you out of the movie. The Shark look fantastic it looks amazing. The shark looks so really.

The Score: Ill give this movie a A- is a fun shark movie that I really enjoyed. Go see The Meg it is worth it.


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