Riverdale season 2 Sucks

Yes this show is truly awful let me explain

The Plot: The Plot makes no sense they have to many sub plots we have Jug Head love life,his new school, his dad,  the snake, charmer him moving back in to his old school,him becoming a Serpent, and his news letter with Betty. Betty  has like nothing well besides………. I saw this whole thing yesterday and I already forgot almost the whole thing Betty’s SUB plots are her love life with Jug Head her home life the news letter and the Black Hood thing……. and they have like 30 more that I’m not gonna talk about well I half to so we get the sub plot were Betty clams she SPOLIER WARNING that she found her brother and, he is just so unlikable and, that’s Betty’s sub plot .We have Veronica and her love life with Archie and, one with her family and her friends and her father who hates Archie for the dumbest reason ever. Know we are on Archie who wants to find his dad shooter and his love life his clan he makes him wrestling thing and him trying to impress Veronica’s dad. Know I can get into the plot that involves a hooded man terrorizing Riverdale and that’s the whole plot right there and the other side plots. Half way into the season they go off with the side witch pissed me off so much since the only thing that was good witch is the Black Hood they kill him off and go with the side plots witch pissed me off and after that it got so bad. Also the add in Veronica’s dad into this my only problem with him is he is just so unlikeable the Chikc I think that’s how u spell his name but he is the worst part of the whole season and when he dies you never see his body and that was annoying and, when they killer revealed himself  I did not care and, Betty’s mom Killed someone and she got off scout free and I was BRUH com on this whole show is a mess.


The Characters The characters are just boring to me my fav is still Jug Head because he dose the most things for me that a character needs to everyone else is just the same for me just meh there not bad there jus meh.


What I like: there really is not much I like but, here it is. earthing looks really good it looks really nice the lighting is good as well and that’s pretty much it.


The dream sequence: The D/S dream sequences pissed me off the most. There is a D/S were this girl is singing and she gets her throat sliced open and it was a dream it took me off guard and I knew it was going to happen but it was a dream and that pissed me off .


My score: I’ll give it a C- or a D+ it is really boring but its entertaining almost threw the whole way. Well I hoped you enjoyed my first TV show review should I do more of these or not let me know . I would say some other things in did not like but I cant say because of secede.


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