Mission Impossible Fallout

I just got back form the movies. like  five minutes ago, and…I loved it. This movie is fantastic it had me on the edge of my set, I got chills in my legs from the 3ed ACT and, It paid off this is the best film I have seen all year. This is like the 30th movie I think maybe I’ve seen more  I don’t know If I hade to guess like 33 movie I’ve seen this year, so with that done lets start the review.

The Plot: If you have seen a Mission Impossible movie you know what’s its about. Ethan Hunt and, his friends do something, and then stuff happens, so what dose this movie go defiantly well not much and, I appreciated that its been awhile since that. This movie did everything right for me.

The Characters/Acting : The characters in the movie are really grate everyone give a soled performance especial Tom Cruise how gave the performance of his life, and you can see that in his performance. Everyone else was grate in it too I liked Ethan Hunts Team they were all grate as well.

The Villain: The Villains are grate in this, The villain has this big master plan to destroy Ethan Hunts life kind of I’m not giving away spoiler, and course there are some fight scenes with Ethan Hunt and the villain.

My  Issues: My only issues are that its kind of predicable for me and that’s not a big problem with me.

My Rating: I’m gonna give Mission Imposable Fallout an A. I would give it an A+ but I just can’t because it was predictable and it did not bother me but I half to give it an A.


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