Equalizer 2 review

So I saw Equalizer 2 today and it was good not gonna lie so lets get into the review.

The Plot: The plot is MEH like I’ve seen this plot before and the plot just felt bland. Its a murder revenge story. Its not a bad plot it was entertaining when there is action, valance   and characters that what makes the  movie is good.

The Valance: This is a new one just for this movie just because why not. This movie is so valance people get stabbed, slashed shot blown up kind of its hard to explain but, if you have seen it you know what I’m talking about. This movie was so grate watching then there was valance on screen.

Characters: There are only 2 characters that stand out those are McCall and Miles and, lets add in the Villain just because and, he is played by I think its Bill Pullman character. Those are the only characters that worked for me because they have the most screen time so they have to most time to sell there character.

My issues with the movie: My only issues are when he is not murdering people or action the movie is boring. McCall is just a nice dude when he is off duty he kind reminds me of John Wick because There both nice people but if you cross them or do s give is something to them they will kill you no questions at all.

The Acting: The acting is actually really good from all around everyone give is there all and you can see that.

The Dialoged: Some of the dialoged is pretty bad sometimes but it did not bother me not much I just looked past it.

My Rating: I’m gonna give Equalizer 2 A B- I thought about giving it a C+ but somethings stopped me from doing that.


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