Teen Titans Go to The Movie or TTGTTM

So do I think this is a good movie, since I’m more harder on kids movies sometimes, I would say this movies is good – at most… let me explain.

Plot: The plot is so predictable, after the first act of the movie I  knew who the villain was so easily.  It follows Robin wanting his own movie because he is tired of being in Batman’s shadow . He wants his own movie  but he needs a villain.  A villain named Deathstrok wants to mind control the whole world, for some reason it never explains why he wants to do it.

The Villain: The Villain is great every time he was on screen was great and, the Titans kept on thinking he is Deadpool which I found funny and he even broke the fourth wall once which was cool in a way.

The jokes: Here is where it takes a huge drop for me. The jokes are just gross, a lot of them are just bad and cringey the only times the jokes were funny was f it has a marvel reference – which worked for me.

The special effects. The effects are good for a lot of the movie everything looked like the OG carton and, I respect that.

My Problems:  the problem I had with the film is the jokes and it is predictable and the ending is kind of trollish.  But I thought that it was funny, too.

My rating  I’m giving TTGTTM a B-    I almost gave is a C+ but the villain and some of the jokes and the voice acting and the animation gave me that final boost to get a B-.


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