Skyscraper review

So I saw this movie today at 12 am, by myself I almost had the whole theater to myself but two other people come in and watched, So two thing before we start the review I’m changing my rating system and it this a good movie. One I’m changing it to the A+-F and no this is not a good movie here’s why.

1 The Plot is boring: The plot to this movie makes no sense what so ever, So this guy built the world tallest building and some bad guys want to destroy for some dumb reason that makes no sense at all and, I found the plot just boring and bland since I felt like I have seen it before.

2 Charters: If I thought the plot was bad the charters are even worse. The only likeable charter in the movie would be the Rock if I had to pick one. The charters are just boring and bland like the plot of the movie.

3 The Villains: The Villains are cartoonish  that’s all I half to say about them and that there boring nd bland.

4 The Music: Its just fine it works for some senses and dose not work for other.

5 The CGI and special effects: Some of the effects in this movie look really good others looked terrible like 64% of the movie looked bad.

6 My rating: since I have a new rating system I’m giving this movie a D+. So If you saw this movie comment what you thought I would love to know what you people think.

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