Inception is one of the best films I’ve ever seen in my life witch is fifteen years witch is kind of surprising to me, so I have heard nothing but grate things about Inception so I was a BestBuy and, I was looking at the 3.99 movie ben and I found Inception and, yes all Inception’s will be in red so lets begin the review.

The Plot: Dom Cobb is a skilled thief , the absolute in best of dangerous arts of extracting, stealing valuably secrets from deep with in the subconscious during a dream state when the mind is most venerable. thanks the best I can do at trying to explain the plot of this movie. Let me say the plot is fantastic.

The Acting: I thought the acting was fantastic all the actors give it there all in this film Leonardo DiCaprio is by far the best thing about this movie not saying the rest of them didn’t give it their all too I just think Leo did the best job. Tom Hardy is also really good in this as well.

The CGI: Ever scene is this movie is funamable I think this has the best movie effects I have seen in awhile all the dream sequences was breath taking, there is a slow Mo shot of a van falling off a bridge all breathtaking.

My score: I will give Inception a 1/10 JK its a 10/10 for me. Well hope you enjoyed my review of Inception and, don’t forget to like and, comment what is your favorite Sci=FI/Suspense movie of all time or even just ur favorite movie. its 1.11am right know as I’m finishing this so I hope you enjoyed my review and I’ll try to see skyscraper soon I just need me Driver to have a time to do that. On a side note I only say this movie once and that was today well yesterday as of know but ya my first time see this movie 

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