How It Ends

So How It Ends is the new Netflix movie and is with out ant questions one the worst films I have seen all year almost one the worst I have ever seen. I would not recommend this movie at all, so I have no listed my reason why this movie sucks so let me explain why HOW IT ENDS SUCKS!!!.

The Plot: The plot for this movie makes no scene what so ever it an end of the world movie kind of you never find out how this all happened it just like here you go a plot that makes no scene what so ever it is just so boring to watch since you don’t know what is going on in the movie.

The Characters:There are like only four characters in this whole movie that get too much scene time  like the main character I think he is in almost ever scene in the whole movie and, yes he should have the most screen time but don’t have in in all the scenes I can only remember his name because its four letters long and its Will and, his Wife name is Sam and I just remembered  that typing this out. The only likely character in the movie is the father because he wants to help find his only daughter and he is the best part about this movie no one else worked for me in the movie. 

The CGI: The CGI in this movie is the worst I have ever seen in a movie. This movie looks so cheap to make the whole thing almost looks like greenscreen ya the CGI is just afoul to look at and I really have nothing else to say about this.

The Ending: The ending in this movie is so bad its like they were going for the Mist ending the movie not the TV show The movie is far better the this movie and the Mist TV show because to the plot the characters, and the CGI and, the ending. This movie took all the fun out of the whole movie. The ending is in the trailer for the movie that is just stupid…Like why do that. Marvel did something like by having a post credit scene witch is fine with me since it is not the ending then I’m fine with it since it was nothing big or anything ,but this movie has the ending it the trailer, so I’m don talking about the ending for this movie.

The Dialoged: Before my rating I just remembered how bad the dialoged is. it is so bad I would no recommend this movie just for the dialoged know onto my rating.

My score for this movie is a 1/10 this is a vary bad film and, I would not recommend this movie. Well hope you guys enjoyed my review of How It Ends I’m still trying to see skyscraper I’m waiting  for my Drive to have a good time to take me and her kids who I hang with sometimes, So leave a like and comment on what is your worst movie you have seen in 2018.

2 thoughts on “How It Ends

  1. Wow I’m impressed by your work I like how you go in depth on your reviews mabye yeh and contact other movie critiques and work on your literature GREAT JOB


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