Hotel Transylvania 3 Summer Vacation

So today July  15 2018 or when ever you see this I saw Hotel Transylvania 3, and followers a lonely Dracula who wants to find another wife after his wife died and he is voiced by Adam Sandler. So his daughter thinks that he works too hard so she books a cruise for him and, the rest of the hotel. So the plot of this movie is that they go on vacation and the captain that Drac falls in love with is a grate grand daughter of a long time monster hunter, and to me the plot is kind of predictable with them being related. Minutes in I already found it out. So on the cruise Drac falls in love with the caption and that basically  about it this film disappointed me. The opening scene is just cringe and first time Drac  sees the Captain is just so bad  just for the record the is some stuff I really like it the film like the dog and the two little kids and, sometimes Drac;s daughter and her husband and that’s about were all the things I liked. The  cinematography is fine           its nothing special or anything its just fine.

The jokes in this movie are so bad and cringe its kind of sad I really like the first two quit a bit the jokes are fine still nothing special but this one almost all the jokes fall flat stuff involving the dog dialoged is the best part I smiled evetime he was on screen sometime smiling.

The romance between Drac and the Captain is just Bland and boring same with his daughters and her Husband is just bland it its not bad its just bland. now the romance between the little kids witch is good   its the best romance by far in the movie.

The villain is boring   he wants to kill all the monster for no reason, his grate grand daughter wants to kill drac before CENCERED ok Know that’s out of the way what would I rate this film I will give this movie a 4/10 I would recommend it for one reason how am I to say a movie is bad or good its just my option on this movie I found the movie fun at times  I almost gave this movie a 3/10 but I took sometime to think about it and I found something to give it a 4/10. Well thanks for reading my review of Hotel 3 hope you all enjoyed I’m seeing skyscraper soon so stay toned or not…

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