Uncle Drew Review

Hey guys SickFlickMovieRevies here an I have a review of Uncle Drew for you. So uncle Drew I went into kind of mixed minded so I didn’t know what to expect form this movie. So Uncle Drew stars Kyrie Irving as Uncle Drew witch is a grate performances Lie Rel Howery   as Dax a Coach who loses his team to Mookie played by Nick Kroll witch he kind of looks life Stephen Curry but he is kind of Bland  O’ Neal as Big Fella we have Chris Webber as a Preacher  Reggie Miller as Lights, Nate Robinson as Boots, Erika  Ash as the love intersect for Dax and now lets talk about the worst actor about this Tiffany Haddish she is the worst thing about this movie she loud annoying, and the worst Dialogue  I think I’ve ever heard its not as bad as the Martha thing from Batman V Superman not even close to as bad as that. I’ve talked about  is the cast and kind of the acting so to move on I sat the acting is pretty good besides Tiffany Haddish.

The plot is fine it makes scene and all but after that its pretty bad. Like 1/4 of the movie is Uncle Drew finding all his old friends to play in a tournament  because Dax needs them to sense Mookie stoll his team even tho he paid for the whole starting teams lineups shoes witch cost him over $800 and latter on beofor he meets drew and all his GF or girlfriend kicks him out because he dose not  have a team so she is kind of a gold digger/Catfish and she dates Mookie because he has Dax’s old team witch has one of the best players in the whole state of NY not NBA level tho. So they end up going up against Mookie’s team in the championship and Dax’s team ends up CENCERED spoiler free review.

CGI THB or to be honest I thinks the CGI is pretty good. The best of when there playing basketball the rest is fine its passable besides one scene near the beginning/middle that looked fake.

So what would I rate this film I say a 7/10 its fine if you like the sport go have fun with it I did. Well thank you all for reading my review of Uncle Drew tell me what you think and also tell me what else should I review.

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