Sacario 2 review

Hi, people! Welcome to my blog where I will be reviewing movies. I will only be reviewing movies, or if there are any requests I may be able to review other products. So lets begin this review. So Sacario Day of the Soldado is the  sequel to the first Sacario duh!! and it about the drug war on the US-Mexican border has escalated at the cartels have begun trafficking terrorist across the US border. To fight the war federal agent Matt Graver (Josh Brolin) re-teams with the mercurial. This movie is kind of a mixed bag for some people I never saw the first one and, I never say any trailers for this movie so I went in opened minded and, I thought this movie was grate. The acting Josh Brolin is grate as Matt Graver  and Del Toro is grate as well in this also the young girl was grate. A lot of the time I hate kid actors or actresses but I really liked her in this she played by Isabeal Moner back on track with the review now the acting is grate. so what else do I like about it. Its a dark movie I’ll say that. This movie is not popcorn entertainment because the scenes are horrific to watch like early in to the movie like less then 5 minutes maybe theses group of people walk in to a convent store and blow themselves up. This movie is about what happens when a is caught in the middle of a drug war and I can respect that meaning but this film change halfway like a shift in change kind of witch  I did nor mind at all . The music is good it perfect for this movie. The CGI is good everting looks real, and the best thing of all is all the shocking things that happen I’m not gonna say it because I think you should see this and see it for yourself  so what would I rate this movie I do a 1/10 method of rating so I would say  A soled 9/10 its one of those movie that u have a few small problems with and it tones it down a level for you but this is my option on this film hope yo enjoyed and I’ll have more review soon . Well hopeful if you guys want them or not.



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